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Impact Colostrum

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Colostrum contains high levels of immunoglobulins and antibacterials such as lactoferrin, lysozyme and lactoperoxidase that provide immunity and intestinal protection to young animals. Impact Colostrum Supplement is made from powdered bovine colostrum with added lactalbumin, omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, vitamins and minerals.

Feed to newborn eutherians in the first 48 hours and marsupials untill weaning.

DIRECTIONS FOR EUTHERIANS This applies to all domestic animals including cats, dogs, rabbits, rats, guinea pigs, horses, alpacas, cows, sheep, pigs & deer. Also used for eutherian wildlife and zoo mammals.

Impact should be fed as soon as possible after birth, and preferably before milk is fed. Impact can be absorbed for upto 48 hours after birth, depending on the species. Weigh the animal and select the appropriate weight range from the chart.  Mix the amounts of Impact powder and warm pre-boiled water to make the daily Impact requirement.  Refrigerate prepared Impact for one day only or store frozen in ice cube trays for up to 1 month.
Do not mix or feed Impact with milk for Eutherians.


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