Highest Level of Veterinary care.

We pride ourselves in working with you to maintain your pets health and well being.

Puppy Training and Health Care Advice

  Puppy Preschool                        Vaccinations                                     Desexing
Puppy preschool is an early                 Puppies are susceptible to                        Male and Female puppies    
  socialisation and puppy training           a number of diseases and                         should be desexed at six     
  program for both puppies and              disorders that are preventable                  months. This is a time when    
  owners to educate on puppy                through regular vaccinations.                    your pet is apporaching    
  development, normal and                    The Northern Territory has several            sexual maturity and for
  abnormal behaviour and basic             important diseases of dogs which             females, before they come
  pet care.  More...                                  can be fatal.  More...                                        into heat.  More... 

   Intestinal worms can make
   your puppy very sick, but
   can also be easily prevented.


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